Minimally invasive isn't minimal enough

HistoSonics® is developing a non-invasive, sonic beam therapy platform capable of destroying tissue at a sub-cellular level.

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HistoSonics Receives Breakthrough Device Designation for Histotripsy of Liver

Milestone Validates HistoSonics Technology and Sets Stage for Further Collaboration with FDA

We are HistoSonics

Our mission and passion is to advance the novel science of histotripsy and its powerful benefits, bringing meaningful and transformational change to physicians and their patients.

The Science

What is histotripsy?

It’s non-invasive. It’s non-ionizing. It’s non-thermal. It is the process whereby focused sound energy creates a “bubble-cloud” that mechanically destroys diseased, targeted tissue at a sub-cellular level.

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A Surgeon’s Perspective On Histotripsy

Joan Vidal-Jové MD. PhD.
Theresa Study Clinical Investigator

Our Technology

Introducing Edison

EdisonTM is a revolutionary technology used for the precise delivery and control of histotripsy. This pioneering platform and procedure is designed to provide continuous visualization – allowing physicians real-time treatment monitoring and procedural control.

See The Future
"Making the impossible possible."
~Dr. Zhen Xu, PhD

Our team is bringing the power of histotripsy to patients and physicians around the world.

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