About HistoSonics®

The HistoSonics team is bringing the power of histotripsy to patients and physicians across the world.

Origin of histotripsy

The science of histotripsy was developed by leading ultrasound scientists from the University of Michigan as a non-invasive potential alternative to certain surgical procedures.

Translating science to clinical practice

Leading multi-disciplinary clinicians from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan collaborate through ongoing partnerships with HistoSonics to bring histotripsy into everyday clinical practice.

Executive Team

Successful developers of companies and technologies.

Mike Blue

President, CEO, Board Member

Josh Stopek, PhD

VP of Research and Development

Josh King

VP of Marketing

Michele Bossert

VP of Education

Dan Bulver

VP of Operations

Dan Kosednar

VP of Regulatory Affairs

David Krenn

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Amaral MD.

VP of Clinical Research and Medical Affairs

Board of Directors

Our Board has deep experience in creating value in medical technology.

Jim Adox

Chairman of the Board (HistoSonics) and Managing Director - Venture Investors, LLC

Mike Blue

President, CEO - HistoSonics

Kadir Kadhiresan, PhD

Vice President - Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc.

Tom Tefft

Former President - Medtronic Neuromodulation

Gerry Brunk

Managing Director - Lumira Ventures

Erica Rogers

President and CEO - Silk Road Medical

David Hahn, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Varian Interventional Solutions - Varian Medical Systems

Fred Lee Jr., MD

Senior Medical Advisor - HistoSonics

Wen Chen

Partner - Yonjin Venture

Our Investors

We are supported by leading venture capital and healthcare investors who have a history of building great organizations.

Venture Investors Healthfund

Premier provider of seed and early stage venture capital to healthcare companies.

Lumira Ventures

Partners & invests in best-in-class innovative biotherapeutic & medtech entrepreneurs building transformative companies.

Varian Medical Systems

Applying human ingenuity to help you elevate cancer care.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JJDC

Investing in and supporting the global entrepreneurial community to solve critical healthcare needs.

Yonjin Venture

Specializes in early and mid-stage life science companies. We are interested in innovative technologies in therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices.

TGap Ventures

Helps entrepreneurs define, develop, grow, and build value in their businesses, principally in medicine healthcare technology.

Fletcher Spaght Ventures

Investing in promising new ventures in emerging technologies with high growth potential.

Early Stage Partners

Provides early stage venture capital to promising entrepreneurial companies in healthcare technology and other fields..

Hatteras Venture Partners

Building transformational human medicine companies that benefit patients and the professionals who serve them.

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