Histotripsy uses pulsed sound waves to induce “bubble clouds” from gases naturally present in targeted tissue. These bubble clouds form and collapse in microseconds, creating mechanical forces strong enough to destroy tissue at cellular and sub-cellular levels in a non-invasive and non-thermal method.


Histotripsy utilizes the power of micro-bubbles to destroy targeted tissues and avoids ionizing energy of radiation, heat damage from thermal modalities and incisions or needles from traditional treatments.

Example of near complete involution seen at 2 months post-treatment.
An arrow pointing at a white spot in a scan
An arrow pointing at a dark spot in a scan
MRIS series from a single patient in the THERESA Trial. Vidal-Jove J, et al. Int J Hyperthermia. 2022;39(1):1115-1123.

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Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

The Edison® System is intended for the non-invasive mechanical destruction of liver tumors, including the partial or complete destruction of unresectable liver tumors via histotripsy. The FDA has not evaluated the Edison System for the treatment of any disease including, but not limited to, cancer or evaluated any specific cancer outcomes (such as local tumor progression, 5-year survival or overall survival). The System should only be used by persons who have completed training performed by HistoSonics, and its use guided by the clinical judgment of an appropriately trained physician. Refer to the device Instructions for Use for a complete list of warnings, precautions and a summary of clinical trial results, including reported adverse events.

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