Bubbles have never been so powerful

Once avoided in ultrasound, now microbubbles generated by histotripsy are utilized to mechanically destroy cells and tissues with precision and accuracy.

Histotripsy at work

Histotripsy uses pulsed sound waves to induce “bubble clouds” from gases naturally present in targeted tissue. These bubble clouds form and collapse in microseconds, creating mechanical forces strong enough to destroy tissue at cellular and sub-cellular levels in a non-invasive and non-thermal method.

Learn more with Fred T. Lee MD., Professor of Radiology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, in his Introduction to Histotripsy: A Novel Sonic Beam Therapy webinar. Click below to register and watch the webinar.

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Our Solution

Histotripsy utilizes the power of micro-bubbles to destroy targeted tissues and avoids ionizing energy of radiation, heat damage from thermal modalities and incisions or needles from traditional treatments.

Evolution of Histotripsy

"Histotripsy realizes the idea and concept of non-invasive surgery."
~Dr. Zhen Xu, PhD

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